Dedicated Hosting Server – Plesk Control Panel

Web hosting is the most important phase in the process of getting your website online. In the beginning, you have to define your website type to find a suitable web hosting plan. Websites are commonly used for personal and business purposes. A personal website can be hosted on any type of server but if you are looking to host a business site, you should host it on a dedicated server in order to get the best performance.

While the selection of a dedicated server you have to choose between the control panels. A control panel is a web-based interface that is designed to manage your hosting account. The most commonly used control panels are Cpanel and Plesk.

Dedicated hosting servers  are most suitable for Plesk dedicated servers are:

With Plesk, the passwords to access the control panel can be changed. The webspace through FTP can also business website because it provides an ease to the user to manage its hosting activities efficiently. Some features can be modified.

  • Plesk is an automated control panel which is a great advantage as it configures XML RPC which can be used with Perl or PHP scripts.
  • Plesk control panel is highly preferable for dedicated server hosting because of its unlimited domain registration feature.
  • Also, it provides support for all types of programming languages which include PHP, Perl, Python and if you are using windows based dedicated server, it also offers support for ASP, MSSQL and more.
  • The best thing about Plesk Cpanel is that it’s a dual platform application; it is supported by Windows as well as Linux based dedicated servers.

Bedside this Plesk is easy to handle, people having basic knowledge about hosting can easily manage their web hosting accounts. Also, it provides support for various applications that are required by the user. It gives you full support for different content management systems (CMSs) such as WordPress and Joomla.

Install SSL certificates to secure online transactions. (You should have Dedicated IP address to install the SSL certificate on your website as you will not be able to install the SSL certificate on Shared IP address).

Allow access to the individual E-mail administration panel to mailbox owners (this is convenient when running mail hosting business or creating mailboxes for other users).

Mail forwarders and automatic replies can be created, modified and removed. You can create mailing lists, also you can manage and remove. The users can also be managed.

Security is the foremost requirement of every webmaster, especially when you are planning to host a business website. Having a Plesk dedicated server gives you more reliability and server stability because it allows you to configure your server security according to your desire.

So, if you are planning to obtain a dedicated server for your business website hosting, go for Plesk dedicated server hosting for greater reliability and performance.